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Steve & Martha Anderson – with BWM in Africa, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Israel


Mike and Stacy Barr – Crosspoint Baptist Church in Iowa


Brent & Salina Bergey (South Africa)


Mary Lee Cummings – HCJB Global/ World Radio Ministries (retired)


Anita Deyneka – with Russian Ministries in Russia


Kyle & Heather Farran – with ABWE in West Europe


Tom & Kelli Harmon – with BIMI in Tanzania


Darrel & Barbara Hockersmith – SIM/ Advancing the Gospel in Angola (retired but still support)


Dan & Sherry Hyden – with BWM in Brooklyn, USA (Russians)


Brian & Sommer Lowery – Thailand


Diane Malanick-New Zealand


Brent & Shelly Marowelli – with First Bible International in USA


Steve & Brandie McKinley – Ireland


Chad & Heidi Robinson – BPS


Jonathan & Hannah Romaine – Spain


Mark & Anahi Self – Argentina

Our Missionary Family

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